Tinbite Tamiru

- Art Direction
- Identity Design
- Print Coordinator

Problem: Create a full-identity for a young, professional event planner in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The identity should cater to a corporate clientele, and suggest the business produces modern, energetic, and cosmopolitan events, while maintaining a minimalist, bold, and geometric aesthetic. Printing costs of the final design should be taken into account.

Solution: Drawing on the client's proud Ethiopian heritage, I designed a culturally-relevant icon that simultaneously alludes to the various interconnected and concurrent facets of the event planning process. The color palette was kept to subdued tones, allowing the client to easily print in black and white while still maintaining depth. A pattern was also derived from the main icon as a supplementary element that can easily take the place of color. For web and special printing projects, we included options of blush and gold, adding a further sense of luxe and sophistication to the streamlined design.